Finishing Touches is known for creating affordable décor for anyone who needs a space made beautiful, an area organized or a home staged for real estate listing.

You can rely on our professional team for support and to make recommendations that fit your budget but always give you a great value.

We’ll come to your home, listen to your needs and wants, and then present you with a logical, feasible plan that works for you.

We invite you to have a look around our website and look forward to creating amazing spaces for you.

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Finishing Touches has the expertise to help showcase your home so that it stands out from the others on the market. We know how to implement solutions that draw the buyer in and allow them to emotionally connect with the home, generating faster and more profitable sales.


Keeping your listed home tidy and ready to be shown can be a challenge. Finishing Touches can assist you on “show day”. We will ensure that every room makes the best impression possible and that prospective buyers will love what they see.


We can help you get the home you want with the house you have. The redesign/stagers at Finishing Touches can restyle, rearrange, re-hang and remove items – transforming your rooms into areas that reflect your personality and style. We specialize in skillfully placing furniture, art and accessories to enhance the beauty and function of your rooms.


Whatever your renovation needs – Finishing Touches can provide you with the design and consulting services that will enhance your home’s function and livability. At Finishing Touches we specialize in providing creative designs for all home renovation projects.


We help clients who need assistance with de-cluttering and organizing their homes or downsizing to a smaller space.  The goal is to bring order and calm to your home so you will feel less overwhelmed and more overjoyed! When you work with Finishing Touches, you can expect professionalism, confidentiality, respect, and someone who will listen intently to your unique organizing needs and goals.


Our goal is to make your estate sale experience as stress-free as possible, all while liquidating at the highest possible amount. Finishing Touches has the expertise and knowledge necessary take care of every aspect of your estate sale from estimating values to cleaning up after the sale. We specialize in helping individuals and family members downsize and sell normal household furnishings found in all homes.



What Finishing Touches Customers Are Saying…

Richard and I love to cook and prepare vegetables from the garden, but we couldn’t stand to even be in our kitchen.   It was drab, dated and dirty.  Plus the laundry area was the first thing you saw upon entering the galley kitchen.   Cilla spent a weekend with me updating the kitchen as a surprise for Richard who was out of town.  We dubbed it the two day transformation on a budget.  We painted all day Saturday and spent Sunday on what Cilla called the “Finishing Touches” – a new light fixture and valance over the sink and a pretty wall, (curtains), to conceal the laundry area.  We now love our kitchen and Cilla proved that transformations can be budget friendly accomplished quickly.

– Leigh


Cilla was able to come on a super short notice when we needed help to get a house ready for my family to move in. She showed up on time, with all of her supplies and got right to work. I was working near her, so I was able to see her cleaning methods. I’ve never seen someone clean like I do, with such detail. She did!!! My children wanted to “help” and she was so kind to them. I was anxious about having a stranger working in our home, she wasn’t a stranger after five minutes. She seemed like a friend. I can’t recommend her enough. You won’t be disappointed!!

– Maria


I am retired and travel extensively.  When I am home between trips sometimes I don’t even open or throw away the junk mail.  I had let things pile up in many rooms of my house and even the back porch.  I was overwhelmed with the mess of accumulated stuff including old clothes, out dated business papers and junk.

I hired Finishing Touches to help me get my house cleaned up and organized.  Cilla spent six days with me clearing out my messes.   We worked side by side and she kept me motivated as we went through each room.  She made many trips to the dump, Good Will and the Salvation Army.  Once we got each room cleaned out she worked her magic and transformed the space – using items from other places in the house.  She moved pictures, furniture and decorative pieces to new locations and made each room look perfect.  After almost a week of working with Finishing Touches my house looked, once more, like the beautiful HOME that it is.

– Corena


I used Finishing Touches to help me decorate and organize the living room and entry way of our new log home. We moved from a cottage style brick home and felt like our furniture and décor didn’t go with the log home. I was assuming I’d have to buy several new pieces, including an expensive large area rug, and get rid of some of my favorite things. Cilla showed me how to place the furniture and decorate without buying anything except fabric and pillows. She took lots of care to find out what styles and colors we liked. She masterfully hid all the electric cords to TVs, lamps, and computers.  She used fabric in ways I would have never thought of and brought in a rug from one of the bedrooms that worked perfectly in the living room.  Even my husband was impressed when she incorporated several of his favorite things from the basement. The best part is that Finishing Touches not only has great ideas – they jump in there and help with all the hard work with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

– Sara


A few years ago my wife and I bought a “Mid-Century Modern” ( 1960’s Rancher ). Our goal was to preserve the period correctness yet modernize it enough to make it livable for a family of 5. We  talked Cilla into giving us her ideas. She started with a blank slate and created exactly what we are still living in today. Cilla  has that knack of turning a house into home.  Thanks for all the help we love it!

– Larry and Susan